The Beautiful Lupita Nyong’o Make up looks I love

I adored this woman in black panther I’m a very passionate woman when it comes to representation and I’m so happy how she was a love interest so here is a list of looks! Advertisements

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My Anastasia palette beauty review

I love the new palette I got ideas I want to bring out already ! They have all the colours I love & so many to play with. I love the texture & the design I didn’t even leave the palette with the rest of my other make up I had it in a special […]

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Fitness blogging as a beginner

It’s overwhelming in the beginning but I’m learning to take baby steps. So what? if I’m wobbling & struggling my 1st or 10th time trying. It doesn’t matter if you are using  the lightest equipment. I’m learning to just go ahead and not worry about the mr know it alls and the haters. We got […]

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My Chapter 24 Make up look

Wow what a journey time goes so fast , just looking back makes me sad , happy , proud & cringe but I’m grateful . I have good intentions and I realised that  growing can make others feel uncomfortable. It’s a shame that I have to leave people behind but that’s what growth does. It’s good […]

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A natural look with my twin

  My sister is on the right , as you can see I decided to have winged eyeliner and I feel like it’s easier to tell us apart anyway make up details are below:   Brows: Rimmel London brow pencil LA girl concealer                                      Face: Urban decay Naked foundation shade 11.00 Sleek make up contour […]

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My Fenty Beauty Review

I love a Red lip so I knew I would love the Fenty Stunna lip paint, I was nervous because wearing a red lip is risky & eye catching. A lot of woman don’t wear red lipstick as much these days it’s mostly lip liner & lip gloss.   The 90’s to 2000’s movies , […]

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Dry skin Remedy (Lush cosmetics Review)

I really wanted a good hydrating cream to help my cure my dry skin issues , the weather is cold , snow is falling and my skin is flaking.  There would be days when I wanted to wear make up or even go for a walk but hesitated because how bad my skin was. They […]

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