I love beauty & fitness I love working on my body , my physical health & mental health. Health is so important to me I want to feel & look good also.  I want to be in good shape & be healthy I hope you enjoy my fitness journey.

I post a lot of looks from Sleek make up , Urban decay , Mac cosmetics and Fenty. I love to review products from fragrances , skin care , make up and fashion. The make up I see people in every day life I love it , models I worked with & make up artists ,  I love what celebrities wear & how they do their make up. I take inspirations from Photography , Music videos , Bloggers & film.

I love to do glamour make up , editorial , night life , simple , trendy & urban. I have dry skin so I post and review products that are good for dry skin. Anything to do with hair , fashion , beauty I adore !

I’m a graduate , Blogger & Entrepreneur I ‘ve been in the entertainment & beauty industry since 2010. I loved being on set mainly because of the make up & the cameras. what always inspired me growing up was fashion , music , photography & videography. Music was a huge influence in my life and my favourite subject in school was art.